All in One Science Dictionary

Dictionary PCB contains lots of definitions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Are you thinking or confused about word PCB,
PCB is the short form of Physics, Chemistry and Biological subjects
So Now talking about our app it is a dictionary application for three main subjects of science which are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All subjects are well categorized in home screen so you can choose which dictionary you want to use like Physics dictionary for topics such as linear motion, Force, Work ,Power, Energy. Chemistry Dictionary for topics such as polymers and crystal defects or biochemistry.Biology Dictionary for topics such as cell biology, genetics, botany, anatomy etc

Specially for Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12 Students if you are preparing for IIT Exam or AIPMT so its give you complete satisfaction from this three subjects

1. Physics Dictionary  :  This Application contains over 25000+ "Physics Terms" along with their Scientific Definitions. It is very helpful to the physics students and also helpful for IIT Exam and PMT Students. The app allow you to search Physics terms and see the definition for the same. It contains following topics covered
- Work, power, energy
- Rotary motion
- Oscillatory motion
- Gravity
- Waves
- Elasticity
- Electrostatics
- Direct current
- Magnetic field
- Altering current
- Thermodynamics
- Hydrogen atom
- Optics
- Modern physics
- Hydrostatics
- Astronomy
- Linear motion
- Constant acceleration motion
- Projectile motion
- Constant circular motion
- Force

2. Chemistry Dictionary : This Application contains over 9000 "Chemical Terms" along with their Definitions. It is very helpful to the chemistry student and also helpful for IIT Exam and PMT Students.
The app allow you to search chemistry terms and see the definition for the same.
A simple app designed as a quick reference for chemistry students.
The Application will cover dictionary terms from following topics
- Atomic Structure
- Periodic Chemistry
- Rate of Reactions
- Redox Reaction
- Carbon Compounds
- Chemistry and Environment
- Non Metals
- Chemical Bonding
- Stoichiometry
- State of Matter
- Energy and Energy Change
- Acids, Bases and Salts
- Solubility of Substance
- Rate of Reactions
- Redox Reaction
- Carbon Compounds
- Chemistry and Environment
- Non Metals
- Metals and its Compounds
- Organic Chemistry

3. Biology Dictionary : With more than 3500 biological terms and their meanings, this Biology Dictionary will sure cement your basics of Biology. For quick and smart learning this Biology App has lots of pictorial presentation of all terms and many more.
Biology Dictionary is categorized into the following categories:
- Biochemistry
- Cell Biology
- Genetics
- Anatomy
- Taxonomy
- Endocrinology
- Zoology
- Miscellaneous
- Botany
- Environment Biology
- Microbiology
Its very easy to use dictionary for all students.

New Features :
After lots of research and many students request for Science Quiz, we added this feature for better subjects
study. All Quiz are divided in to their category like
-Physics Quiz
-Chemistry Quiz
-Biology Quiz

Physics Quiz section contain eleven quizzes with lots of questions from physics and science.
Chemistry Quiz section contains all types of important questions like chemistry formulas and many others.
Biology Quiz provides you to better understanding of Bio subjects.
All Quiz has Multiple Choice Questions. Keep Practice for better results.

New feature of our app for science students : our app now contains Science facts Book which gives you very attractive facts that will blow your mind, and now we are working on new feature that is deep study of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, so enjoy reading and wait for next update soon.

Version 4.0 latest features :
1. Physics Dictionary offline is available to use it without internet.
2. Chemistry Dictionary offline is available.
3. Biology Dictionary offline is available with addition definitions of biology chapters.
4. Get some interesting science facts through notifications