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Animated Handwriting and Tracing Book for Kids.

Kids can work on their own practicing handwriting with this little book. Kids wont need parents interfering with their preschool letter tracing homework.Learning the alphabet is the first step in a child's mastery of the English language.

Alphabet Tracing, Letters A-Z, provides extensive focus on alphabet and number formation for the beginning writer. The full-page format focuses on one alphabet or number at a time, which allows additional practice for the beginning writer.

We love the alphabet and we love creating and playing with letters. These animated activities teach all different aspects of the alphabet including letter recognition, letter sounds, letter shapes and just plain fun!

These activities are dynamic and are meant not just to teach the alphabet but to make learning letters a memorable and engaging experience.

Game Includes
Kids Tracing Book
Letter School Book
Alphabet Tracing Book
Learn And Play Alphabets
Kids Alphabet Learning
Alphabet Learning Games
Tracing With Alphabets
Animated Letter Tracing
Talking Alphabets Games

Enjoy With FANTASTIC FUN !!!



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